Latex Concentrate (HA/LA) [Code JM]

latex milk

JM Latex concentrate is derived from field latex and processed by using centrifuge methods. It contains 60% Dry Rubber Content (DRC) and available in two types i.e High Ammonia (HA) and Low Ammonia (LA).

High Ammonia Concentrate (HA) is the most common grade used in many products worldwide. It gives excellent films of high clarity and has good adhesion characteristics as a binding agent when suitably compounded. Its main usage is in manufacture of dipped products, such as medical gloves, household gloves, industrial gloves, rubber thread, condoms and balloons. It’s also being used in many types of industrial applications such as cushions, mattresses, industrial adhesive and reconstituted leather products.

Low Ammonia Latex Concentrate (LATZ) is obtained by centrifugation and preserved with a low amount of ammonia and other preservatives. It contains 60% Dry Rubber Content (DRC). LA Latex can replace HA Latex in all normal latex applications, with a little adjustment in compounding in certain cases. It is more commonly used in cold climates and whenever lower levels of ammonia content are preferred such as in enclosed spaces. It is a general purpose latex widely used in many latex applications such as foams, dipping, castings and adhesive bindings.