Palm Oil Products


Vegetable Oil  

It is the one of the most common cooking ingredients in the world and used widely in many edible and non-edible products. Standard PORAM specifications and special grades of varying range subject to customer’s requirements.

  • RBD Palm Oil
  • RBD palm Olein
  • Super IV RBD Palm Olein
  • RBD Palm Kernel Oil
  • RBD Palm Kernel Olein

RBD Palm Oil Specifications (PORAM standard)

Parameter Specification

Free Fatty Acids (as Lauric)
Moisture & Impurities 
Iodine Value 
Melting Point 
Colour(5.25” lovibond cell) 
Cloud point 

0.15% max
0.10% max
56 % mIN
24 C max
3 red/30 yellow max
8,10 deg is also available


Vegetable Fats  

Vegetable Fats in its natural state, palm oil is a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, with most of the unsaturated fat being monounsaturated fat. Vegetable fats is palm oil that has some of its unsaturated fats removed, giving it a very firm texture, and high melting point

  • Shortening
  • Vegetable Ghee (Vanaspati)
  • Dough Fat
  • Margarine
  • RBD Palm Stearin
  • RBD Palm Kernel Stearin


RBD Palm Kernel Stearin Specifications

Parameter Specification

Free Fatty Acids (as palmitic)
Moisture & Impurities
Iodine Value (WIJS)
Melting Point
Colour (5.25" lovibond cell)

0.20% max
0.15% max
48 max
44 min
3.0 red/30 yellow  max

Speciality Fats  

It is produced from hydrogenated palm kernel fraction under the most sanitary conditions. It has a high solid fat content, thus has excellent snap, brittleness and good cooling sensation in the palate rivaling that of cocoa butter. They are used to replace cocoa butter totally in the manufacture of compound chocolates and offer confectionery manufacturers an alternative to cocoa butter.

  • Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS)
  • Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR)
  • Cocoa Butter Improves (CBI)
  • Coating Fat
  • Ice Cream Fat
  • Frying Fat
  • Palm Fats for Cheese making

Cocoa Butter Substitute Specifications

Parameter Specification

Free Fatty Acids (as Lauric)
Moisture & Impurities
Slip Melting Point
Colour(5.25” lovibond cell)
Solid Fat Content (by NMR) (%)

  • N20
  • N25
  • N30
  • N35

0.10% max
0.10% max
1.0R max


  • 90-97
  • 80-93
  • 45 min
  • 3.5 max


Rubber Grade Stearic Acid  

Rubber Grade Stearic acid is one of the most elementary organic chemical raw material in industrial production. It is a hard, wax-like saturated fatty acid. It is a vegetable based, renewable (from Palm Oil) Oleochemicals and Glycerine. It is non-GMO, allergen free, BSE free, and from RSPO certified producers. It is used in the manufacturing process of many products because this renewable fatty acid is extremely versatile.




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